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How These Predators Kill Their Prey Is Horrifying

The world can be a scary place at times filled with predators and prey, and nothing is more horrifying than the way these predators go in for the kill in the real animal kingdom. We’ve complied a list of animals with the most gruesome hunting attacks.


Where Are They Now: ER

  The TV series ER paved the way for medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Royals Pains and more. Making its debut back in 1994, the Michael Crichton created series ran for 15 seasons giving fans an inside look at life in the OR and beyond.

Rich Dinner on an iceberg

Unbelievable Luxury Experiences of The Ultra-Rich

Imagine traveling to New Zealand for a romantic meal on top of an iceberg? For 99% of the population, an extravagant special occasion means dropping a couple hundred dollars at a steakhouse or going on a planned vacation after saving for months. You wouldn’t believe the extravagant experiences the other 1% of the population enjoy!

Penni the Pitbull 13

This Sweet Dog’s Rocky Journey From Hardship To Happiness

It’s a crazy and horrible thing but it’s true: people abuse animals in shocking numbers. And of those innocent animals being abused, about 70% are dogs. Penni the pit bull was one of those sad statistics. For more than a year, Penni was kept in the basement of a drug den in the Bronx. While …

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The Cast of “All in the Family”: Where Are They Now?

  Stirring controversy and making us laugh with his narrow-mind and his outspoken attitude, Archie Bunker and his family changed what it meant to watch television. From 1971- 1979, we watched as this working class family tackled political issues with wit and satire. Ever wondered what happened to America’s favorite primetime family from the 70s? …

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Tough, Beautiful and Fearless: The Women Who Serve in the Israeli Army

All over the world, it’s normal for men to serve in their country’s military, whether they do it by choice (enlistment) or by law (conscription). Israel is different: it’s the only country where military service is not just a choice, but an obligation for every male and female citizen. When you’re an Israeli citizen and …


The Totally Bizarre Creatures of Romania’s Hidden Underworld

Photo Credit/MNN Across this almost perfect sphere we call Earth, there are few places that have not already been inhabited or explored by humans. So when scientists discovered the Movile Cave, a location closed off from humanity for 5.5 million years, they knew they were bound to find something extraordinary.


Golden Girls: Behind the Scenes Secrets Revealed

It is hard to believe that the four leading ladies of the iconic hit 1980’s TV sitcom Golden Girls would be anything but the best of friends. The comedy series featured nothing but fun times, intimate talks, sharing life pains and successes, and some genuine chemistry between the foursome of Dorothy, Sophia, Rose and Blanche. …

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Colorized Historical Photos Will Change How You Feel About The Past

While color photography has been widely available to even the most amateur of photographers since the 1970s, the rest of the long history of photography was only captured in black and white. Because of that, for modern generations, the past itself seems to be colored only in black and white. But what if you could …