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Fear of Flying: What Your Pilot Won’t (and Probably Shouldn’t) Tell You.

Fear of flying is such a common phobia that it has its own name: aviophobia. This phobia paralyzes its sufferers when faced with what most of us actually look forward to … flying through the air at top speeds so we can travel very far away, very quickly. Imagine not being able to go on vacation, …

By Rick Bitzelberger

With The Summer Games Over, Can Rio Prevent This Tragedy From Happening?

The 2016 Summer Olympics are finally over. This year’s games were filled with winners, losers, and lots of controversy surrounding the Rio landscape… and Ryan Lochte. Though they pulled it together in the end, what happens when the athletes collect their medals and return home? Does the host country continue to enjoy the fruits of their …

By Ashley Perez
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Can A Haircut Change Someone’s Life? You Decide.

Meet Joshua Coombes. Born in Exeter, England, the 29-year-old is one of the most in-demand hairdressers in London. Because London is one of the top fashion capitals in the world, this is a title that many many hairdressers would love to have. But what he did with his fame is unlike anything we have ever heard before. Originally …

By Jane Neiman
"Photo credit / Pop Sci”

He Did What? In the Skies Above Florida, This Guy Did The Unimaginable.

Who would have thought a guy who made his first tandem skydive at the age of 18 would compete in the X Games just six months later? And who could predict that a beginner who had only made about 400 jumps would become a US National Champion as well as set world records in skysurfing? Well, …

By Benjamin Roussey

Think Winning A Lifetime Supply Of Something Would Be Great? Think Again.

The last time a bunch of science wonks crunched numbers about lifespan, they determined that the average time we get to stay on this planet is 71 years. (Actually, it’s 73.6 for women and 68.2 for men … sorry, guys. Looks like it’s going to be a longer girl party.) The length of an average lifespan is …

By Rick Bitzelberger