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This Boy Was Born With A Rare, Horrible Skin Condition. Can Doctors Possibly Cure Him?

This is Ripon Sarker. When he was only three-months-old, he began to show signs of an extremely rare skin disorder known as “tree man illness.” Unfortunately, his family has always been much too poor to go to a doctor. Now, at seven-years-old, Ripon has become immobilized by the massive, debilitating growths on his hands and feet. Ripon lives …

By Rick Bitzelberger
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This Engaged Couple Wanted Unforgettable Wedding Pictures But What Their Photographer Captured Is Truly Extraordinary

Most wedding photos look pretty much the same: happy couple, picturesque location, lovely flowers, great close up of the rings. But newlyweds Alex and Lauren Michaels wanted something different (that’s NOT them in the picture btw!). They weren’t sure exactly what that “something different” was, though, so they were lucky to find the perfect photographer who had something really …

By Brenda Marie