Recently Discovered Photos Show A New And Groovy Side Of History


Knowing your history, where you have been, can help you know exactly where you are going. It never hurts to take a look back into the past and appreciate the days gone by and their iconic times. The best way is through photography, and some of the coolest photos from the past is what you will find here.

Bill Clinton and Hilary Rodham enjoying some volleyball, Summer 1975

1971 was a politically powerful year, but no one would know that 20 or so years later. This is the year that Hilary Rodham and William “Bill” Clinton met at Yale University. By October of 1975 the two were married and just 5 years later in 1980 they welcomed their daughter Chelsea into the world. This political powerhouse of a couple made their way into the Whitehouse in 1993.

The marriage wasn’t always wonderful however. While in the Whitehouse, the infamous affair with Monica Lewinsky took place which rocked the nation. The ethics and morals of our 42nd president where called into question. The affair ultimately cost Bill his second term as he was impeached for lying under oath. He was later, however, acquitted of all criminal charges.

During this trying time Hilary held strong. Monica was assigned to work elsewhere and the world moved on. As of 2016 and two failed presidential bids for Hilary later, the couple are still strong both in their marriage and their politics.

George Harrison

Did you know that The Beatles weren’t always titled under that famous moniker? Before the band had fully formed they were the Quarrymen, which included George Harrison, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney.

At the age of 15 George had his first audition with the Quarrymen but John felt that he was just too young to be in the band, despite the impressive skills that George had exhibited. However, he wasn’t turned away. Instead George Harrison became the guitar fill in for the group until the time came that he was able to join the group in full.

Much to the displeasure of the Senior Harrison, George’s father, the young Beatle to be dropped out of high school at just 16 years old. His main focus was on making music, however he also made ends meet through electrician work and moonlighting at a department store.

In this photo, The Beatles had come to Hamburg for a tour of various clubs. However, at the time of this photo being taken, George was still under age and thus deported from Hamburg for being too young. John Lennon had to step in and cover for George’s absence during the rest of the tour.


18 year old Michael Jordan, 1982

Born in 1963 Jordan was a member of the Tar Heels’ national Championship Team. He went on to win his first NBA Championship in 1991 with the Chicago Bulls in 1984 and second and third in ’92 and ’93 respectively. He is regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time.

At 18 years old, Michael had already made quite the mark at his high school. When he was a sophomore, he tried out for the varsity team and failed, because he was too short (5’11). Determined to prove himself, he became the star of his school’s junior varsity team.

That summer, he also had a four-inch growth spurt and trained his butt off to be able to make the team. He did, and averaged around 20 points per game during his last two seasons on the team. He was even chosen to play on the McDonald’s All-American Team as a senior. Michael got the attention of many college scouts including Duke, Syracuse and North Carolina.

He chose North Carolina and began his basketball scholarship at the school, where studied cultural geography.