Multimillionaire NFL Stars and the Women Behind Them


Big contracts in the world of NFL are the stuff of legend. But injuries abound, and because when you’re down, you’re out in football, many players never see the big payouts they were offered.  Which isn’t to say that many players don’t enjoy amazing riches, both during their careers and afterwards. All it takes, apparently, is some savvy money management and a strong woman in your corner.

We’ve compiled some of the highest earners – and best savers! – in the NFL and their most recent net worth … plus a glimpse at the women behind the men who make it all work.

Photo credit Wikipedia
Photo credit / Wikipedia

Net Worth: $97.9 million

In 2004, Jared Allen (defensive end), was drafted in the fourth round by the Kansas City Chiefs. After four years there, he moved to the Minnesota Vikings, the Chicago Bears and, finally, the Carolina Panthers before retiring in early 2016. Fun fact: a few months after his retirement, he signed a one-day contract with Minnesota so he could retire a Viking!

Photo credit Zimbio
Photo credit / Zimbio

In his younger years, Jared had some trouble with the law, specifically surrounding his tendency to get DUIs. But since he married his wife Amy in 2010, the very religious Jared has been walking the straight and narrow. They are actively involved in philanthropic ventures and have two daughters.


Photo credit Talk of Fame
Photo credit / Talk of Fame

Net Worth: $102.8 million

A first round draft pick back in 1999, Champ Bailey (cornerback) played for the Washington Redskins until he was traded to the Denver Broncos in 2004. Bailey was selected for 12 Pro Bowls during his career, a record for a cornerback. He retired after 15 seasons in 2014, but that wasn’t the only big change he made that year …