Houston Heroes: These Regular People Are Risking Their Lives For Flood Victims


With what it means to be American currently under the microscope, we’re happy to report the heart and soul of America – self-sacrifice, compassion, caring for your fellow man, generosity – is proving itself to be alive and well in Texas this week, where ordinary Americans are swooping in from all over to rescue people – and pets! – stranded in flooded homes, cars and neighborhoods. Here’s a round up of the ones you may not have seen, proving that in the worst of times, people come together!

Photo credit Imgur
Photo credit / Imgur

These boatload of amazing heroes are criss-crossing the city, rescuing pets that have been, for whatever reason, left behind in the rising flood waters. The stories of their reunions with their owners should prove equally joyful!

Photo credit Twitter
Photo credit / Twitter

This guy. My goodness, his selflessness and passion for helping to save lives should be a lesson to us all.

Reporter: You guys just jumping in to help out?

Hero: Yessir. Yessir.

Reporter: Where you coming from?

Hero: Texas City.

Reporter: What are you going to do?

Hero: I’m going to try to save some lives.



Photo credit Instagram
Photo credit / Instagram

A local pastor in the Houston area, swimming from car to car, checking each one to make sure no one was inside. The water came up to his chest in some parts. This is what it’s all about.