23 Christmas Presents You Don’t Need and Can’t Afford

Photo credit Dyson
Photo credit / Dyson

Robot Vacuum $1000

Robot vacuums continue to evolve and get pricier. Apparently, they’re getting a little bit creepier, too. This Dyson 360 Eye “constantly observes and interprets its surroundings.” Just in case, don’t walk around naked in front of it.

Photo credit EC Provision Co
Photo credit / EC Provision Co

Portable Yurt $8300

The Groovyyurts Super Get 20’ Yurt brings rural Mangolia to your backyard. As one of the most “efficient and eco-friendly dwellings ever devised at fair prices,” this $8300 yurt, thankfully, ships for free anywhere in North America.


Photo credit OneBlade
Photo credit / OneBlade

OneBlade Razor $2500

This limited edition, collectible razor (we’ll let that sink in) is made from German stainless steel and uses proprietary blades (only $89 for 10 of those) that “dance in and out.” Huh? Luckily, you’ll be one of only 100 people on earth to own one.