Watch OUT – This Could Hurt Real Bad


Remember when you were a kid and you and your friends would run around with Nerf guns, shooting darts at each other? Or maybe this was just last week at the office, goofing around with co-workers. Either way, you know they are relatively safe and fun to shoot, or be shot with…

All Photos Credit / Mark Rober 

TinyGrab Screen Shot 6-22-16, 2.33.42 PM

What if you took this harmless game, and changed the rules? Mark Rober, a hilarious YouTube sensation, and his engineering buddies, decided to do just this. It takes awesome to a whole new level and is ridiculously funny.

TinyGrab Screen Shot 6-21-16, 12.10.23 PMThis gun is so laughably gigantic, it’s about the size of a small pony. This Nerf is by far, the most rad, genius and comical gun ever created. See for yourself…

TinyGrab Screen Shot 6-21-16, 4.14.53 PM

Who knew repurposed toilet plungers and pool noodles would make such badass darts?

TinyGrab Screen Shot 6-21-16, 4.07.12 PM

This brilliantly built Nerf uses a 3000 PSI paintball tank that pumps air into a container when the trigger is pressed. When you’re ready to fire, you pull the ginormous trigger igniting air into the main chamber, shooting the dart out. It’s glorious.

TinyGrab Screen Shot 6-21-16, 4.13.43 PMAs if this wasn’t enough – they decided to rev up the power by using a 3D printer to make the projectile more aerodynamic. This baby fires at 40 mph.

TinyGrab Screen Shot 6-21-16, 4.16.41 PMThe dart rocketed 130 yards, past the length of a football field. It was sick!

TinyGrab Screen Shot 6-21-16, 4.15.51 PM

They also tested it in the field. You guessed it – that plate got smashed.

TinyGrab Screen Shot 6-21-16, 4.02.08 PMNext time you feel like channeling your inner child, punk your Nerf gun like these dudes and see what happens… Children should not use without adult supervision.