These Artists Had Millions But Now They Have Nothing


Finding fame for some is a blessing, for others it can end up being a burden and a curse. Some fall into the pit of extra lavish lifestyles that suck away their money, and drug addictions that suck away their souls. The artists on this list are the prime examples of what happens when fame goes bad.

To start we have the artist Meat Loaf, he began his rise to fame with the album “Bat Outta Hell” which is still one of the highest selling musical albums of all time. An even more popular follow up album just wasn’t in the cards for Meat Loaf, also known as Marvin Lee Aday. He lost the use of his voice while trying to record his follow up which cost him his window of opportunity. The second album wasn’t finally released until 1981.

This newly released album which was titled “Dead Ringer” was a flop. It made a very small portion of what “Bat Outta Hell” did which was not anticipated. At the time of the release Meat Loaf was in the hole over $1.6 million. He ended up having to declare bankruptcy in order to get out from under his crushing debt. Lucky for Meat Loaf, by the time he was able to release “Bat Outta Hell II” as well as his hit single “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” in 1993 he had settled his debts and was able to enjoy topping the charts again.


If you think that you know debt from American Express, it most likely does not
even touch the $20,000 bill that singer and performer Toni Braxton managed to
accrue in 1998.

Even though her famous “Unbreak My Heart” single sold 25 million albums
worldwide, it didn’t even come to close to covering her expensive $43,000
monthly spending habit which led to her formal filing for bankruptcy in ’98.
Managing to pick herself up from the financial rubble that she created,
Braxton was able to revive her career in 2000 with her album “The Heat” and
was eventually asked to perform at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas until 2008.


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Despite the original R&B singer’s wild success with group Motown in the
’70s, Marvin fell subject to bankruptcy due to excessive alimony payments from
his ex-wife.

As the only artist to ever break away from the soulful group, Gaye went on to
create 40 Top 41 hits throughout his career, including three Number 1 Pop
hits! Sadly, even after the incredible release of albums “What’s Going On” and
“Let’s Get It On,” Gaye was never able to see the money he rightfully deserved
and before he could reap the benefits of “Sexual Healing,” his father murdered
him on April 1, 1984.