Fear of Flying: What Your Pilot Won’t (and Probably Shouldn’t) Tell You.

Fear of flying is such a common phobia that it has its own name: aviophobia. This phobia paralyzes its sufferers when faced with what most of us actually look forward to … flying through the air at top speeds so we can travel very far away, very quickly. Imagine not being able to go on vacation, …

By Rick Bitzelberger

If You Go In These Waters, You May Not Come Out In One Piece

250 miles south of Cabo San Lucas lie the Revillagigedo Islands, one of the most biologically diverse dive spots in the world. Moray eels, giant lobsters, humpback whales, dolphins, tuna, manta rays and hundreds of migrating sharks can be found in this pristine part of the ocean. It’s truly a spectacular place; beautiful and terrifying. …

By Olivia Janisch

This New Attraction In London Will Make You Believe The Sky’s The Limit

Slides are awesome… Even if you’re not a kid. Tunnel slides are even better. If you are visiting London any time soon, you have to zip through the newest attraction: the world’s longest and tallest tunnel slide. It just opened on June 24th and is one of the coolest new ways to check out the city’s skyline. Built …

By Hailey Cohen