Men, Ditch this Surprising Habit to Improve Your Fertility

Care about your swimmers? We all have been told that smoking is bad for you: this nasty habit could lead to lung or tongue cancer. However, new evidence has come to light that it might affect more than just your risk of cancer. A recent study provides reiterates why smoking is a terrible idea: it might  be …

By Olivia Janisch

These Foods Look Harmless, But Could Send You On A Trip To The Hospital

In the mood for some chicken pot pie? If you’re squinting and reaching for your glasses, your eyes aren’t playing tricks you. Don’t be fooled… Because this food isn’t real. Welcome to the world of miniatures, crafted in clay and super, super tiny. Yes, you might need a microscopic fork. Kim Clough, a food lover and artist, has been …

By Hailey Cohen