This Boy Was Born With A Rare, Horrible Skin Condition. Can Doctors Possibly Cure Him?

This is Ripon Sarker. When he was only three-months-old, he began to show signs of an extremely rare skin disorder known as “tree man illness.” Unfortunately, his family has always been much too poor to go to a doctor. Now, at seven-years-old, Ripon has become immobilized by the massive, debilitating growths on his hands and feet. Ripon lives …

By Rick Bitzelberger

Men, Ditch this Surprising Habit to Improve Your Fertility

Care about your swimmers? We all have been told that smoking is bad for you: this nasty habit could lead to lung or tongue cancer. However, new evidence has come to light that it might affect more than just your risk of cancer. A recent study provides reiterates why smoking is a terrible idea: it might  be …

By Olivia Janisch