This Engaged Couple Wanted Unforgettable Wedding Pictures But What Their Photographer Captured Is Truly Extraordinary

Most wedding photos look pretty much the same: happy couple, picturesque location, lovely flowers, great close up of the rings. But newlyweds Alex and Lauren Michaels wanted something different (that’s NOT them in the picture btw!). They weren’t sure exactly what that “something different” was, though, so they were lucky to find the perfect photographer who had something really …

By Brenda Marie

Think Winning A Lifetime Supply Of Something Would Be Great? Think Again.

The last time a bunch of science wonks crunched numbers about lifespan, they determined that the average time we get to stay on this planet is 71 years. (Actually, it’s 73.6 for women and 68.2 for men … sorry, guys. Looks like it’s going to be a longer girl party.) The length of an average lifespan is …

By Rick Bitzelberger

They Discovered A Dusty Wooden Box In The Attic. Its Creepy Contents Led To A Very Deep Mystery.

Everyone has a feeling that their family has a mysterious, long buried secret, something they suspect but have never been able to find the evidence to prove. As children, we’ve all imagined discovering secret buried treasures or adventures through hidden bookcases that lead us to uncover something that’s been lost for generations. But what if it really happened? What …

By Hailey Cohen