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20 Movies So Terrible They’re Actually Kind Of Good

There exists a group of films that are so incredibly terrible, so mind blowingly awful, that they make viewers question whether or not it’s really just one big, ironic joke. These films often go on to become cult classics in badness, and must-sees for any self-identified movie buff. Many of these films are best enjoyed …


Rock N’ Roll Stars: Where Are They Now?

In order to make it big in the rock industry, you must be innovative, ambitious and one-of-a-kind. The musicians you see next are some of the most noteworthy examples of pushing the limits of the musical past. Ranging in all genres from heavy metal to classic rock to indie to rap, where are these stars …


Wealthiest Actresses In Hollywood

Move over, boys, the girls are taking over. Making it big in a male dominated is no easy task, but when you do, it truly pays off. These talented leading ladies reveal just how big their paychecks really are… Get ready to be green with envy at the amount these stars are worth.  Jennifer Lawrence …