Celebrities Destroying The Paparazzi’s Shot In Very Creative Ways

Imagine spending your life being followed around by a crowd of people yelling “Over here! Look over here!” while clicking your picture over and over and over. That’s the life of a celebrity … and even the most mild-mannered of them snap at some point. Scroll down to see their creative and hilarious ways of handling …

By Julie Hogan

He Has Over 100K Followers On Instagram With Photos That Will Shock You

Weighing in at 343 pounds, this giant teddy bear has 105k Instagram followers and has his sights set on becoming a WWE champion. He can bench 336 pounds – more than his own weight and to put that in perspective, a baby elephant weighs 200. He has represented his country in weightlifting competitions. Sajad Gharibi, …

By Olivia Janisch

Watch OUT – This Could Hurt Real Bad

Remember when you were a kid and you and your friends would run around with Nerf guns, shooting darts at each other? Or maybe this was just last week at the office, goofing around with co-workers. Either way, you know they are relatively safe and fun to shoot, or be shot with… All Photos Credit / Mark Rober  …

By Hailey Cohen