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20 Dogs That Are More Fashionable Than You Will Ever Be

Looking for menswear fashion inspiration? Look no further. The internet is absolutely in love with dogs that are totally killing it in the swag department. This guy, for instance, is making a turtleneck and fisherman’s beanie look better than you ever have. Watch and learn…. Rocking the rugged outdoorsman style, plus giving the camera a fearless …

By Julie Hogan

The 25 Richest NBA Players & the Women Behind Them

Basketball players are quick on their feet, fast, strong, and above all, tall–something that almost all women are attracted to. It’s no wonder why all of these successful basketball celebs have not only made a fortune with their talent, but they’ve also landed some exceptional and gorgeous women to call their partners. Check out these …

By Jessica Sullivan

The Most Insane Things The TSA Has Confiscated From Travelers

No matter what you think of their effectiveness and customer service, the TSA has to deal with a lot of loonies on a daily basis. Some travelers make honest mistakes and – oops! – leave their loaded guns in their sneakers, some are truly unclear about what’s okay and what’s not. Others, though, are trying to …

By Julie Hogan

Celebrities Destroying The Paparazzi’s Shot In Very Creative Ways

Imagine spending your life being followed around by a crowd of people yelling “Over here! Look over here!” while clicking your picture over and over and over. That’s the life of a celebrity … and even the most mild-mannered of them snap at some point. Scroll down to see their creative and hilarious ways of handling …

By Julie Hogan

21 Good Things That Happened In 2016

There’s no doubt about it: 2016 sucked. But that doesn’t mean that the good things that happened in this otherwise hellacious year should go unnoticed. For instance, in September of 2016, giant pandas were taken off the endangered species list. Although they are still considered vulnerable, the total population now exceeds 2,000, thanks to the Chinese government’s intensive actions. …

By Julie Hogan